A couple of weekends ago we were invited to Brainerd Zip Line Tours to check out their zip lining set up and experience. I have done lots of adventurous things in my life but surprisingly, this was my first time ever zip lining! You guys, it was SO much fun! The staff was so professional, fun, and kind. When we first arrived they happily greeted us and had us go out on their porch where all of the equipment was laid out in front of us. Then we had two guides give us an overview of what our time would be like there then helped us get all of the fancy equipment on. Then we all climbed into a big van and drove up a hill to a mini zip lining lesson.

They showed us how to break, how to get more momentum, what to do if we get stuck, etc. Then we headed up the stairs to our first line! It was such a thrill! The first line was pretty short so it was a good warm up for what the rest of the day had in store. When you are up in the tree tops like that you get some awesome views of the forests and lakes near by. The guides did a great job of pointing out nearby cities and landmarks all along the way.

They have seven lines, a 65ft suspension bridge, and one 50ft jump all which kept our adrenaline up and pumping for the whole two and a half hour adventure! We loved our time with Brainerd Zip Line Tours and highly recommend going if you enjoy a thrill and a high quality guide! Tag me on Instagram if you end up going.


Zip Lining at Brainerd Zip Line Tours in Brainerd MN

Zip Lining at Brainerd Zip Line Tours in Brainerd MN

Sweaty, helmet hair, go-pro selfies. ♥

Thanks to Brainerd Zip Line Tours for sponsoring this post!



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