Using a travel agent for a honeymoon.

As you might have noticed, I like to travel. I have been to eight different countries and 13 states in the last 10 years and I don’t intend to slow down anytime soon (a snowboard trip is in the works as we speak!). In all of my travelling experience I have never ever hired a travel agent. There is a thrill for me to find the best deals on flights, accommodations, and excursions. I enjoy doing research on the good places to eat, shop, and see. I am frugal (fine, I’m cheap) and I just couldn’t imagine hiring someone to do something I am not only good at but actually enjoy and get satisfaction out of.

That was until I was in the throes of planning my dream wedding, trying to maintain a decent social life, living in two places (thanks Mom!), trying not to be a monster at work, and keeping up with my design business. On top of all of this I was also supposed to plan a romantic honeymoon? No way. Daniel was also swamped during this time and took leadership on figuring out what we should do for a honeymoon. Mostly because I am sure he knew if there was one other thing added to my plate I was going to crack..

So, Daniel got in touch with a friend of his, Alice, who is a travel agent. I’ll admit, I had my doubts. “A travel agent? What are we, rich? You realize we are going to be buying dinner for 350 people in a few weeks, right?” So loving and understanding, I know… But he carefully showed me how the resorts that he was looking at were comparable in price to the resorts Alice was sending him. She also had more education about the resorts that were rated well and which areas to avoid. I also realized that the flight options she was sending us were the same cost as they were when I looked them up on my go-to sites. So I got on board and I am so glad I did.

Alice sent us multiple locations and resorts based on the criteria we told her about. We told her we wanted to go somewhere warm, wasn’t recently hit by a hurricane, and that wouldn’t be too rainy. She sent us loads of options and we narrowed it down one by one. We provided her with a budget and she respected that and stayed within range.

She was so good with communication and understanding of the busy season we were in. We finally pulled the trigger on flights and a resort and she booked everything for us! She even gave us a complete itinerary that was loaded with information about the resort and what our package included. She also set up transportation from the airport to the resort and back and who we should be looking for when we get outside of the Cancún airport. So we knew we were safe and in good hands.

Overall it was such a pleasant experience and I am so glad we went with a travel agent! It saved us so much time and there was barely any extra cost. If you are someone who likes to travel but doesn’t necessarily enjoy researching the heck out of what to do and where to go (or have zero time for it), you should consider hiring a travel agent!

I am obviously biased toward Alice and encourage you to work with her. She works for Stone Arch Travel and her email address is . Reach out to Alice the next time you want to get away without doing all of the heavy lifting.

Safe travels!


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