Tiny studio kitchen. Minimal details in such a tiny space.


Remember my post about my tiny little 336 square foot studio apartment? Well I didn’t get into the details of my kitchen in that post. Mostly because it is so small that I really didn’t know what to do with it yet to make it cute. I couldn’t set out a lot of decor because my counter space is like the equivalent of a clipboard. I also knew that since it was such a small area, I didn’t want to have it appear clutter-y with a lot of color on the walls. I figured the best way to go was to keep it simple and practical. 

A tiny studio apartment kitchen. How to keep it simple and practical!

With limited storage space, my cupboards are pretty full. I tried thinking of ways where I could keep my things outside of the cupboards without filling up my precious counter space. I decided one way to do this was to display mugs out in the open rather than trying to shove them on top of each other in the cupboard.

I swapped out my ugly colored mugs with some pretty, plain white, mismatched mugs to hang and display above my sink. I got each of the mugs from Goodwill for $1 a piece. I wanted them to be white so that they were simple and fresh looking but having them mismatched makes them more interesting to the eye. They were very simple to hang too! I just picked up metal hooks that can screw into the wall or, in this case, the underside of my cupboard.

I had that frame on the wall from an old painting I was trying to refurbish but ended up not liking. I spray painted the frame white and hung it up. It gives more texture to the wall without being too distracting. I actually had that plain white frame hanging up with nothing in it for like way too long. Finally one day I decided I was weird and should put something in it. I thought simple letters would look nice so I went with “EAT” since it’s a kitchen and the shortest word I could think of. Michaels has these letters for a little over a dollar a piece and they were already white for me! I just had to hang those with some super duper sticky poster tack (I tried duct tape originally and that was a huge fail).

Finally, I got those lights from the cheap section at the front of Target for $3! I don’t have an outlet on that wall so the battery pack was particularly important. I love that they are a neutral color and so simple! It breaks up the white on that wall without taking away from the minimal look I was going for.

Tiny studio apartment kitchen. Keeping things simple and practical.

Keeping things simple in such a small space makes it not feel so heavy and condensed in that area. Light and airy is my go to for the studio! Its not the easiest when there is ONE WINDOW in the whole place but the whites and neutrals help immensely. What do you guys think??


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