Spear fishing in Minnesota

Spear fishing in Minnesota Spear fishing in Minnesota

Spear fishing in Minnesota

This week, while my best friend was home from Arizona (check out our adventures in AZ here!), we went out spear fishing with her dad on a lake near our hometown in Minnesota. I pretty much love any type of fishing in the world and ice fishing in particular is one of my favorites. But I have only tried spear fishing a couple of times so we wanted to make it a point to get out there while she was home.

When you are spear fishing you sit in a little dark house out on the lake and a big rectangular hole is cut into the ice. You can only spear fish in the middle of the day because the daylight lights up the water and that’s how you can see any fish that might swim across your hole. You park a couple chairs on the edge of the hole and stare down hoping for a big northern to swim by. You usually have some sort of decoy in the water that attracts the bigger fish to come towards you. And at the right moment, when they are checking out your decoy, you sneak a big spear into the water and throw it at them in just the right spot and voila, you have dinner!

Lauren had gone out with her dad a few times while she was home visiting and came back empty handed so we made sure that she was the one that got the first fish, after all, she put in the time for this thing! We were out there for a couple of hours and this was the only one that we saw that was big enough to spear but I was happy to be there for the adventure! Even quite a rush for a spectator! Gotta love our winter adventures here in Minnesota.


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