Space Saving Shelves! Inexpensive ways to maximize your space.

I recently put up some new shelves in my studio. I did this because my space is so small that I have to use it wisely by going up the wall and using the vertical space rather than adding more furniture along the walls to hold my things.

These shelves were so inexpensive and easy to pick out! I swung by Menards and they had everything I needed. I bought the mid-size white shelves and simple metal white brackets. They had a TON of options in the store I was in but I knew for sure I wanted white shelves to keep things airy and light so as not to add any feeling of weight to the room. I picked out these white brackets (which were actually about half that price in store) and I spray painted them metallic gold to add a classic splash and have them match the other touches of gold I have sprinkled throughout the place.

White shelves and gold brackets. Using your vertical space up the wall rather than cluttering furniture. Learn more!


Menards also carries the screws that you can use to get these hung. All of these items (aside from the spray paint I already had) were in the same aisle. The shelves that I picked out didn’t have predrilled holes in the wood, so, to be honest, I just set them on the brackets once those were attached to the walls :O.┬áNot really recommended because it probably isn’t the safest option but you know, I live life on the edge like that.


White shelves with gold brackets! Shelves are a great way to use your vertical space in small places.

Once they get hung it’s time to do the fun part and style them! I got mine to mostly hold my pretty things that were taking up space on my furniture. I still wanted them so that they can add flare to the room but I didn’t like the clutter feeling they were giving me elsewhere. When styling the shelves I like to think about the different heights of the items to draw in your eye. I think having varying heights of the objects is just more visually attractive than having everything at the same level. This gives it a little more dimension too. I also try to stay consistent with the color palette. Normally I keep my perfumes next to my jewelry but in this case, the bottles were pink and I felt like I needed one more pink element on my bottom shelf to keep the colors balanced. And those books I have on the bottom? Yeah those are blue and green which are definitely not in my color palette. So I just switched those backwards and now that vintage color of the pages adds some texture without getting the colors off balance.


White shelves with gold brackets. Styling shelves and using the vertical space of your walls in small places.


What do you guys think? What are some styling techniques you have used for your shelves?


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