Scalping for Carrie Underwood tickets paid off!

This week a friend of mine, Sarah, text me last minute and asked if I wanted to scalp tickets and get into the Carrie Underwood concert. I hesitated because I had never scalped before, I wouldn’t consider myself a Carrie super fan, and I didn’t want to spend much. We agreed we wouldn’t spend too much on the tickets but we might as well give it a whirl and if it didn’t work out we would just do dinner. After all, it’s all about the adventure, right?!

Sarah picked me up and we valet-ed her car at the St. Paul Hotel and you know what? It was cheaper than parking your car in the downtown ramp! Such a good idea. We walked over to the Xcel Energy Center to start looking for scalpers and, of course, there were several. Sarah went back and forth with these guys for a while and I was just taking it all in because I had no idea what moves to make. We ended up with great tickets in the main level in row 23 and it was SO amazing! We got in so cheap and we had such a great time!

Carrie Underwood live!

That woman’s voice is paralyzing. There isn’t a note she can’t hit. I only ever heard her on the radio or TV before and that always makes me nervous because there is the potential the star won’t live up to the standards I am used to hearing them in but oooooh no, not Carrie. She sounded just like you hoped she would sound. She had several outfit changes that were all stunning, she played the drums for a minute, and ripped up the harmonica. She put on a heck of a show!

Carrie Underwood live

That’s what life is all about. When you get handed a spontaneous opportunity to try something new and different, you gotta take it! I was so glad that Sarah nudged me into going. It made for a great Monday night and a great new story. Get going on your adventure!


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