4 uses for ripe bananas; don't throw out your ripe bananas! Ideas and recipies to use them up.

If you’re anything like me right now, you are too busy to meet basic human needs let alone have the time to cook something decent for yourself (sounds like I need to take my own advice from my last post..). I was in my kitchen this weekend and I looked in my little fruit bowl and my bananas were prettttty dark… This usually doesn’t happen to me because I eat them too quick! But instead of tossing them I knew I could use them up. If you know you aren’t going to use them for a while they freeze really well. I recommend peeling them before putting them in a baggie and into the freezer; it will just save you the trouble when you’re ready to use them. Otherwise, here are four uses for ripe bananas!

  1. Toss them in a smoothie.
    • This works great if they are frozen or not! The flavor from an overly ripe banana versus your standard banana really doesn’t change the flavor or texture of your smoothie too much.
  2. Banana pancakes.
    • I just use a standard pancake mix, nothing fancy. But then I take a ripe banana and mash it up with a fork in a bowl and mix it in with the pancake mix and water. It is also super yummy if you mix in some chocolate chips!
  3. Nice cream.
    • This is a sweet treat without the guilt! I will admit, since I am a bit of an ice cream freak, that these are not the same but they do satisfy your sweet tooth and you can feel good about eating them! Here are some recipes by Kayla Itsines for nice creams.
  4. Banana bread.
    • I am sure each of you has your own banana bread recipe that all call for a few ripe bananas; but just in case, I found a healthier banana bread option that doesn’t have as much sugar or oil in it! check it out over at The Slender Kitchen!

Don’t be shy about sharing your ripe banana recipes! I still have a couple that I need to use up ASAP.

4 uses for ripe bananas; don't throw out your ripe bananas! Ideas and recipies to use them up.


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