Rolling Oaks Goldens, puppies

Rolling Oaks Goldens, puppies Rolling Oaks Goldens, puppies

Rolling Oaks Goldens, puppies
I snuck into the barn and found them all sleeping like this!

Rolling Oaks Goldens, golden retriever puppies Rolling Oaks Goldens, golden retriever puppies

Rolling Oaks Goldens, golden retriever puppies

Last weekend we went out to the farm that my boyfriend grew up on where his parents breed golden retrievers. They had a few litters that were getting ready for their new homes and YOU GUYS, aren’t they just the cutest things?? People would save a lot of money on therapy if they just went to places like this and let puppies crawl all over them for the day. They are so sweet and small.

Their family has a great breeding reputation because they honestly care about each one of their dogs and each one of their puppies. They always get them checked out and certified for their hearts and hips so you know you are getting a happy healthy pup!

Him and I walked around and went antler shed hunting on their land in the woods. We came up empty handed on the antlers but we did find some bones for the dogs to chew on! We had such beautiful sunny weather all that weekend that I was just happy to be outside. It was such a great weekend with really great company. I am getting pretty antsy for spring and summer to be here for good!

You can follow their golden Instagram here. You can also check out their website here!


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