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I can’t even believe that one year ago today is when I launched Adventures of Ang and started promoting the little content that I had! Blogging for Adventures of Ang has taught me so much and really pushed me outside of my comfort zone at times. I started this blog as a place to log my everyday adventures and to teach people a little about wellness and it has started blossoming into so much more than that. It has given me the opportunity to connect and network with people I never would have otherwise, it has challenged me to learn and develop content that would be worth reading, and it has given me an online space that is almost like a journal for me.

I thought I would go back in time and list out some of my favorite posts over this first year:

  • I really liked this post on getting submerged into a new city because these are all tips I used when I first moved as well!
  • This one has some good content alternatives to staying in hotels when you travel.
  • This post has tips on how to stay fit while you’re on vacation, I think I need to review this one for myself sometimes…
  • Our adventures in Jay Cooke State Park, this one isn’t so much about the post but it was the first time I added a picture of Daniel. ♥ Also, Willow was still so little! Now she is so huge and there is no way I could hold her like that anymore.
  • And of course, my favorite post of all is the one describing our whole engagement that Daniel planned flawlessly!

I truly appreciate that there are people out there that take the time to come and visit my blog. With all of the content that is available online I am so honored that someone would stop here among everything else out there that is available to read. So thank you! Thank you so so much for reading and visiting Adventures of Ang.

As always, I love feedback so if you have ideas for content or suggestions for changes I love to hear them! You can leave a comment or email me at


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