6 Ways to submerge yourself into a new city

So you moved to a new place and you want to get to know it so you don’t need to use your GPS to go to the grocery store anymore? Here are some recommendations on how to get to know a city that you live in and really get submerged into your new life:

1. Visit your city’s website.

Most cities have their own general website. Look for their events calendar on their website and see if there is anything coming up that you could attend. Maybe it is a local carnival, art fair, or farmers market! The website might also give an indication of what they are known for, how long the city has been around, and different ways you can get involved.

2. Groupon.

Groupon is a great place to find local activities and things to do. You just enter the city that you want to find the Groupons for and it gives you tons of options that are right in your new town! Find some friends to go with you or go alone as a way to meet new people! You can take a cooking class, get a kayak rental, or get discounts for a new restaurant in the area! Whatever your city has to offer I am sure there is a good Groupon available to get you out and about.

3. Take the transit system.

I recommend testing this one out when you are in no hurry to go anywhere. Maybe just try navigating to a grocery store or to a cute boutique you want to try out! You might pass some interesting things on the way that you didn’t know existed or you might get there on a different route than you are used to.

4. Join a small group through church.

This is a great way to get to know new people in a new area. Often times most of them have been a part of the city for much longer than you so they can give you recommendations on places to eat and visit but also this sets you up for some new friends in your new city! One of my most favorite groups of people is the girls that I meet with weekly for our faith group. We come from all over the place, we have wildly different personalities, but we all have a trust and love for each other that is different than most friendships.

5. Meetup.com.

This is a site where you can pull up your city and search for groups that have a common interest. Maybe you want to hang out with people that like cats or maybe you want to hang out with people who want to talk about Nascar, head to this site and they will likely have a group for you. The best part is there is no obligation to show up to the meetings but if you decide to show up you will likely be meeting people who are all ready to get to know new people too!

6. Bar crawl.

This is a great way to jump around the city and get to know local places while having a good time. Get a couple of friends to join you and see where the night takes you!


New places are so exciting and there is so much to explore! Good luck with this adventure and leave suggestions for other ways to get into a new city!

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