Sneaking veggies into your diet in creative and tasty ways.

I really like fruit. For me it is no problem to snack on some apple slices or berries or have my morning fruit based smoothie. The trouble for me is eating my vegetables regularly. To me they just aren’t as appealing as fruit; even with fancy dips or dressing! I know I need to eat them, I know how much our bodies love them, and I am fortunate enough to be in a part of the world where I know I will have access to vegetables all year in our stores; so I had to figure out a way to get them into my diet regularly. To do this, I basically trick myself into eating them. I hide them in other food I like more or dress them up in some sort of disguise. Essentially, I am like a dog that needs to take some medicine and you have to hide it in lunch meat so he will take it… So how do I trick myself into eating more vegetables? Here are a few ways that I have managed to do so:

How to sneak more vegetables into your everyday diet.


1. Blend them up in my fruit smoothies.

  • I typically do this one with spinach but if I have any carrots or tomatoes on hand I will throw some of them in as well. This way, my morning smoothie has vegetables in it but I am able to mask the taste with yummy fruits that I like. Bananas in particular do a great job at hiding the more bitter taste of some vegetables and also make the consistency more smooth.

2. Mix them in pasta sauces.

  • I like making homemade healthier versions of yummy pasta sauce. This gives me the chance to disguise more veggies like spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and others into sauces that I pour over noodles. I LOVE everything about pasta (the texture, how filling it is, the taste, etc.) so my taste buds are too blinded by love to notice the vegetables creeping in. 😉

3. Swapping out traditional foods with vegetables.

  • Have you tried the cauliflower pizza crust or zoodles craze? Well I have, and believe me, I had my doubts, but they are actually really good! I even jumped on board the spaghetti squash train and I actually really love it! As I have mentioned, I love pasta, so it took me a bit to mentally be okay with replacing my noodles with squash or zucchini. And while I don’t think it is the same by any means, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t taste good. I think finding replacements like this is important for adding variety into our diet and trying new things in the kitchen.

4. Get more creative with the veggies you do like.

  • Since it isn’t natural for me to like a wide variety of vegetables, I have to make sure that I don’t get tired of the ones that I do like. I really love zucchini and onions so rather than baking them plain with a chicken breast a few times a week, I had to figure out ways to mix it up. I could try sautéing them and adding them to a stir fry dish. Or maybe I can toss them with some breadcrumbs and parmesan to give them a different texture and flavor when I bake them. Keeping my taste buds guessing is what works for me!

Whatever it is that keeps the veggies in your diet is what matters. I hope this can inspire you to try a few more ways. We all need them and our bodies love them! What are some ways that you try sneaking vegetables into your regular diet? I am always on the search for new tricks!

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