Move your body. Find ways to move your body throughout the day in addition to your regular exercise. Great tips to stay active!

Today I want to bring you some ideas on how you can incorporate more movement and exercise into your daily routine! Getting in your daily workout is great but there are other ways that we can move more throughout the day to burn extra calories and give our bodies a break from sitting in that chair or car for so many hours! Human bodies are made to move and they crave movement. Lets give our bodies what they want – am I right?!


  1. Biking/Walking to work.
    • When I moved to the city I did this strategically to be closer to work. With this, came the benefits of being able to bike to work (when it isn’t 40 below that is…). I realize that not everyone has this option but even parking in a farther park spot forces you to walk more to get into work. It all counts!
  2. Have a walking meeting.
    • If you know a meeting at work isn’t going to need projector, lots of writing, or tons of people, walking meetings are great to do at work! Just toss on some tennis shoes kept under your desk and do a few laps around the building or the stairs! Even better, you could take it outside and enjoy some sun while you’re at it. Just make sure everyone is on board with this ahead of the meeting!
  3. Stretch in front of the TV.
    • I don’t watch a ton of TV but I am definitely a sucker for several shows. A lot of the time I will sit on the floor in front of the TV and stretch and do some ab workouts. This is particularly inspiring and motivational when I am watching Dancing with the Stars! Staring at all the dancer bods is pretty darn motivational!!
  4. Keep tennis shoes in your car.
    • Many of us are on the go for work and have less structure in our routine. For this I recommend keeping tennis shoes and work out clothes stashed in your car. You never know when you might get a break from your day on the road and can do a quick hike or go explore a park. Having shoes and workout clothes on hand in your car eliminates the excuse that you aren’t prepared.
  5. Sit on a ball instead of a chair.
    • I have a huge blue ball that I keep at my desk to sit on instead of my chair sometimes. Sitting on the ball forces you to use your abs to keep you balanced and still. While this isn’t a huge effort, you are still burning more calories than you would while sitting on a chair. Not to mention, when sitting on the ball it is pretty hard to resist the urge to bounce a little, just sayin’.
  6. Get up to throw things away.
    • When you have scraps from your lunch, rather than tossing them out in the can under your desk, get up and throw them away in a common area garbage. This gives your mind a break from the task you are doing and gives your body that needed movement from sitting!
  7. Walking lunges whenever you can.
    • Do those lunges on your way to the printer at work! Lunge in your kitchen on the way to the bathroom. While you wait for something to heat up in the microwave do some push ups off the counter. All of this counts and your body just loves it!
  8. Walk while on the phone.
    • I do this a lot when I talk to my best friends because phone conversations with them tend to last a while. If you know you’re going to be on a call for a while get up and do a lap around the office or around your neighborhood.
  9. Take the stairs.
    • This one is not new. You hear it all the time. But really, take those stairs. An article written by Run Society said that climbing stairs for one hour can burn 1000 calories! Get as many of those steps in as you can people.

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Move daily! Ideas on how to incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Wellness advice!


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