Move Live tour with Derek and Julianne Hough

Over Memorial weekend Derek and Julianne Hough stopped in Minnesota for a performance of their dance show, Move Live! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a major lady crush on Julianne Hough. I seriously think we would be great friends if we ever met in real life. She has a great personality, loaded with talent, and promotes kindness and good causes. I follow her pretttttty closely on social media. Its pretty stalker-ish really.

Anywho, for my mama’s birthday in March I bought two tickets to the show for us! She was so surprised! We both love watching Dancing with the Stars so I knew this is something she would love to see in person. We went out for apps and drinks ahead of time in Saint Paul at The Happy Gnome¬†(totally recommend if you are in the Saint Paul area). Then I drove us to downtown Minneapolis to the State Theater! I had never been to any performance in the State Theater but I LOVED it. It is so beautiful and I love that all of the vintage history is still intact and preserved. It was a lot smaller than I was anticipating but I think that made everything more intimate and personal.

Since I am ballin’ on a budget I could only get me and mama tickets in the upper balcony. It would have been a totally different experience if we were down on the lower level because both Jules and Derek walked off stage and into the crowds to interact with people. I would have DIED if they came over to me but instead, we happily watched from afar.

The talent was undeniable. There were so many gifted dancers on the stage and everything flowed so smoothly. If they went off stage for a moment it was almost a guarantee they would dance right out wearing something new! So cool! There was a good mixture of older classic music with new fun songs from today. I think overall it is easily enjoyed by people of any age.

We had a great mother-daughter date and I highly recommend attending the show if it comes to your city this tour! Otherwise, consider it for next year, so entertaining!

Move Live Tour


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