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Drinking enough water every day is so important for our health for so many reasons. It impacts your skin, energy, digestion, and so much more! This is one area of health and fitness that I tend to be really good and consistent at (at least there is one thing, right?!). I LOVE water. Servers at restaurants probably hate me because I only ever order water with my meals. Not because I am cheap (I mean I am cheap but that’s not the point) but because I actually love drinking it and I can never seem to get enough of it. I wasn’t always this way though. I was the girl who could put away a couple cans of coke each day and not even think about drinking a glass of water unless I was really hot or my throat hurt.

When I was in college, though, I started to carry a water bottle with me and just drink that with my meals (the main reason for this one actually probably was because water was free). But over time you know what I discovered? The more that I drank water, the less I craved pops and juices. Studies actually show that when you eat less of something you begin to crave it less.

Not every person is recommended to drink the same amount of water every day. I think the old recommended 8 glasses of water a day is a good starting point but there are other things to consider for how much we should be drinking:

  • The first thing to pay attention to is thirst. Being thirsty is the first sign of dehydration. Being thirsty means your body is telling you to drink water. This might seem like common sense but how many people reach for a pop or something other than plain water when they are thirsty?
  • Another thing to consider is how physically active you are. The harder you work, the more you will sweat, and the more water you will need to replace the lost fluid.
  • Consider your environment. How hot or dry are your surroundings? Even if you aren’t working out, you can still be sweating. Or just because it isn’t summer and you are actually freezing because it’s the dead of winter, it could be incredibly dry and the surrounding air is robbing you of all your hydration!

So whether we are on the go everyday, at a desk all day, or somewhere in between, what are some ways that you can make sure you are getting your water in? I have compiled some tips for you below!

  1. Replace your pop with water when you eat out. As I mentioned above, this was a big one for me. But not only do you save money on your overall bill when you eat out but you also get those extra ounces in that you might not have before!
  2. Add lemon or other fruit to flavor your water. Many people miss having a flavorful drink when they move towards drinking more water. If drinking plain water is really unappealing to you add natural flavor to it! A favorite for me is lemon water. In the morning, I make a hot cup of lemon water and drink that at my desk at work while I am getting my day going. This activates and cleanses your digestive tract to prepare your body for all the food it will have that day. Plus, lemons are a super food and since most people don’t just slice up a lemon for a snack, this is a great way to get the nutrients! Mint, cucumber, ginger, and berries are all other ideas for additions to your water! Get creative and see what works best for you.
  3. Make sure your water bottle has a straw. Some people might think this is silly but it is a game changer for me. How many times have you tried to take a drink out of a wide mouth water bottle only to spill all down your shirt? No, just me? Alright. If my water bottle has a straw I am WAY more likely to keep sipping on it when I am at my desk or in the car because I know I won’t be spilling everywhere. A few favorites for me are this one, this one, or this one off Amazon.
  4. Carry it where ever you go. It is going to be way easier to drink your water if you always have some with you. Keep a bottle in your car, keep one at your desk, keep a couple cold in the fridge ready to go, and keep one in your bag. If its there and easy to access, you are much more likely to drink it!
  5. Set a goal. For me, when I am at work, I aim to have at least 4 of my 24 ounce bottles before I leave for the day. That doesn’t include my hot lemon water or the water I drink when I am at home either. But for me, if I can crush 4 of those bottles throughout my work day then I feel a lot better because that is always my goal. Our bodies and activity level are different so your goals will likely look different as well!

To help you guys keep track of your water intake, I am giving away my daily planner that tracks your meals, water intake, and tasks for each day. I have had this listed here on my Etsy shop for a long time but I am giving it to my subscribers this month as the monthly freebie! Head over to the Freebies page to snag yours. Happy chugging!

Meal planner, water tracker, daily wellness planner, printable, freebie, from Adventures of Ang, free printable Meal planner, water tracker, daily wellness planner, printable, freebie, from Adventures of Ang, free printable




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