You guys!! I am back and I am married! All my life I have wanted to be a wife and now I am! To the greatest man I have ever known. I am sorry I have been so absent on here the past couple of months. While wedding planning was in full swing I had to put the blog on the back burner because I was just trying not to drown in everything else that I had going on.

Since my last post I have had my bachelorette party, a couple bridal showers, dress fittings, a new (to me) car, the actual wedding day, and I moved into Daniels house which means it is now OUR house! So much has been going on and I could probably have a full post for each thing but I am just going to provide a few highlights to get you up to speed.

  • My friends threw and amazing bachelorette party over labor day weekend fully equipped with leis and a coconut bra! His sisters and mom all came too which I was apprehensive about at first but they ended up being wilder than my friends! We played a ton of fun games outside in the sun then later got ready and took a bus to all the local dives. It was such a blast!

Bachelorette party!Bachelorette party!

  • Daniel’s aunties threw us a huge shower in his hometown. They even put it in the paper and made it an open house! Daniel is pretty special in his hometown so naturally there was a giant turn out. Daniel actually joined me for this shower which was SO nice considering I knew hardly anyone. They loved to see him and he got to stretch his social butterfly wings! We were showered with so many gifts and generosity we were both blown away! I told Daniel we weren’t allowed to use any of our new presents until after the wedding so this week was super fun.

  • My family also threw me an amazing, yet more reasonably sized, shower. My aunts and cousins came and we had awesome food and so much fun! It was evident how much time my aunt Teresa put into the details of the day and it went perfectly. We were again showered with so many wonderful gifts from everyone!
  • Also, we had been looking for a new vehicle for me for a while and Daniel would send me ones he came across online and I would tell him whether I liked them or not. Basically, it had to be white and had to be four wheel drive (I mean hello, I live in Minnesota..). Anyway, he sent me one one day and I really liked it and it was below our price range but it was in Chicago. He told me he reached out to the guy but never heard back so we just let it go. Well, turns out, while I was at my bachelorette party Daniel and his friend Phil bought dirt cheap one way tickets to Chicago, picked up the car, then drove the car back up to MN. I went over to his house the day after the bachelorette party and we walked out to the garage to “look at the wedding vases” and there it was! With a big pink bow and everything!! He posted a video on his Instagram but he is private so you have to miss out I guess.

  • Last week, on October, 13th Daniel and I officially tied the knot! It was the most perfect fall day and everything went near flawlessly. It’s funny how you think about something so hard for so long and you have all these visions in your head of what it will look like and you just hope that what is in your head actually looks good in real life. Well it did! There have been times when I have made art and had this image in my head but then when I go to execute it it fails miserably. I was fearing that was how the wedding decorations were going to be but it actually looked great and I couldn’t be happier about it. I will do a full post on the wedding day once we get our photos back. So stay tuned!!

We leave for our honeymoon in a few days so I will certainly be doing some posts on that and trying to be more active on here while we have that time to relax and catch up. Since I moved into Daniel’s house I have been making lots of updates and changes so I want to do posts going forward on mini makeovers and remodels. If there are other ideas or suggestion for content that you would like to see, send it my way! I love to do posts on topics you guys are interested in. Thanks for sticking with me!


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  1. I can’t wait to see the pics!! We have had two Rolling Oaks Goldens! Love their family. I watch their videos and found Daniel’s video about you two! It looks like you will fit right in!! Thanks for sharing!! Any Goldens in your wedding? Haha!!! Just kidding. ??

    1. Thanks for reading, Cheryl! Yes, the Felt family is amazing and so is Rolling Oaks! Daniel and I have two of them and it was hard for me not to make them the flower girls!

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