Interstate State Park, MN

This weekend it was unseasonably warm here in Minnesota for February! It was in the 50’s almost the entire time and for us Minnesotans that could be considered T-shirt weather, amiright? My boyfriend was out of town all weekend and I decided that I wanted to take care of his two dogs (they are also featured in this post and this post – they obviously make great hiking buddies). Since I live in a tiny studio apartment in St. Paul (which doesn’t allow pets) I decided it would be best to take them back up to my Mama’s house in my home town.

Back there they had lots of room to run free and be outside. A really good friend  of mine and I went out and hiked in Interstate State Park on the St. Croix River which sits right on the boarder of Wisconsin and Minnesota. You might remember my post about when we went camping in this area over Labor Day weekend last year. All the snow was melting and everything looked like spring. This made for a perfect storm for the dogs to be as dirty as possible…

When we got back home I gave each of the girls a bath and they got so fluffy and clean! We snuggled on the couch so they could warm up. Of course the bath was only halfway through the weekend so the fluffy cleanness didn’t last too long…overall it was awesome to get outside and enjoy these beautiful temps. More pictures below!

Interstate State Park, MN
See that little speck on the left side of the river? That guy is ice fishing right next to open water! Lunatic.

Interstate State Park, MN

Interstate State Park, MN

Interstate State Park, MN

After the puppy gets a bath!




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