Hey everyone! Daniel and I are back from our amazing honeymoon and have been back to reality for a little while now. We were in Playa Del Carmen for seven days and it was exactly what we needed to wind down from the craziness of wedding planning. It was so wonderful just being with him in the sunshine and the salty gulf and not having an agenda each day. Our days consisted of hanging on the beach, having some lunch, hanging by the pool, having some dinner, repeat. There were no obligations to do things we didn’t want to do or talk to people we didn’t want to talk to. It was just him and I and living in the tropics.

The weather was pretty much perfect the entire time we were there. It rained a little bit here and there but nothing major. One morning it was raining quite a bit and that ended up being the day that we got our couple massage anyway! So amazing. Although we did a lot of just laying around we found ways to be active too. Daniel played a ton of beach volleyball with other people at the resort (I played too but a much more normal amount), I did water aerobics in the pool a few days which was super fun, he took a lesson on how to sail the catamaran and after that we could use it for free for an hour every day, we snorkeled a little off the beach, we played tennis one afternoon, swam a ton in the gulf and in the pools, and we even made it to the gym one day!

The service at Royal Hideaway Resort was out of this world and they truly made us feel like royalty. It was so much fun to actually say the phrase “my husband” to them and I still keep trying to find excuses to sneak that in. Each of the staff that we encountered was so pleasant and professional. We keep talking about a couple of our favorite staff that we miss and wish we could have brought home with us (we miss you Ángel!!).

It’s starting to sink in that he is actually mine forever and it makes me so happy. I truly feel like I hit the jackpot with Daniel and I know that our story can only be credited to the Lord and his handiwork. He gave me Daniel and made me his wife, the deepest desire of my heart. I am so thankful for my happy ending and there is still so much to look forward to with Daniel right next to me!

More to come on the big day and events going on in our lives. Stay tuned!



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