Fit on a work trip. Tips on how to stay on your fitness track while away on a business trip!

When we go on a trip it is easy to fall outside of our regular routines, especially the ones that benefit our health. This week, I have been on a work trip to Atlanta, Georgia (more to come on that!) for the National Immunization Conference. Our days have been filled with listening to dozens of speakers and presentations, eating out, and living out of a hotel. Needless to say, my normal routine is naturally out of whack. But when traveling, I think it is important to try and keep healthy habits in tact so that when you get home you don’t feel like you are starting your fitness journey all over again.

Here are some tips to ensure you stay on track:


Staying fit while away from home! Work trips are not an excuse to fall outside of your fitness goals.
^ Score! The hotel I am at actually has a gym!
  1. Keep up your workouts.
    • With the hundreds of ‘at home workouts’ or ‘no excuse workouts’ out there I know you can find something to do for a workout when you are away from your gym. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can run outside, use a chair for tricep dips or step lunges, or just sit on the floor and do ab workouts and push ups. Anyway you can find to get your heart rate up is great. Jump on the bed for all I care! Don’t just skip it because you are away from your normal routine.
  2. Choose healthier options off the food menus.
    • If you have to eat out for all of your meals while you are away it is important to make conscious choices for a healthier option. Use this opportunity to try new salads you wouldn’t normally make or choose the veggie sides over the fries. You can typically find some sort of healthy option on nearly any menu. Don’t go overboard on all of the greasy things while you are away because that isn’t something you would be doing if you were at home, right?!
  3. Take time away from the crowd for yourself.
    • This one is particularly important for your mental health. I know for me, if I have a day packed with meetings, networking, and crowds, I need that time to decompress and wind down. This will also help you to process some of the things you experienced and learned throughout the day. Don’t feel guilty if you need to turn down a group dinner to just take time away for yourself. Your mind and body need that!
  4. Bring your water bottle everywhere.
    • Necessity!! If you’re like me when you are at work, you have a water bottle next to you that you are sipping on constantly throughout the day. Don’t let this habit stop just because you are out of your routine! Make sure you pack that water bottle and keep it filled throughout the day. When you travel, your body can dehydrate because of all of the changes it is accommodating so it is important to stay hydrated!

What are some other ways that you ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals when you’re out of your routine? Leave a comment below!



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  1. Great tips! I also make sure to have healthy snacks packed in my bag. Those meeting days get long and it’s hard not to overeat and to pick healthy foods when I’m ravenous! Trail mix and apples are my go to – always delish and really portable. Oh and a square or two of dark chocolate. 🙂

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