Bridal Shower Maxi Dress Bridal Shower Maxi Dress

This past weekend I was showered and completely spoiled at my first bridal shower! Some of my best friends threw it for me and we had a ton of fun! The theme was pink so almost everyone wore pink, the decorations were pink, and all of the wrapping (and many of the gifts) were pink too! Right up my ally for sure. They all got me such thoughtful gifts and it was so much fun seeing what everyone picked out. They had an awesome lunch buffet set up for us and we all ate and talked then we headed out to the pool!

The pool was totally packed with the worlds best floaties! Seriously, if you have seen it on Instagram before it was probably in their pool. We played games, snapped pics, and danced for hours. They all made me feel so special! I don’t know if I have ever had THAT much attention it was a little overwhelming!! The night slowly turned into my birthday celebtration since we were already all together, why not!? So we went out to eat at the local Mexican place and then bounced around a couple of the pubs in town.

Overall, it was so much fun! See more pics below.

Bridal Shower Maxi Dress

Bridal Shower Maxi Dress Bridal Shower Maxi Dress

All the best pool floaties!

All the best pool floaties

Bridal shower one piece suit

Bridal shower one piece suit

You can find my same suit here.

Thank you so much for LeAnne, Britt, and DeAndra for hosting and giving me such an amazing shower! And thank you to all of the girls who came and made me feel so loved. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.


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