I have this month’s freebie up on the Freebie Page! Coming in a little late this month, did you think I forgot?? Nah. I love this one because it is so simple, accurate, and pink. The best! This would be cute to hang up in your office or workspace for a while to make it girly. After all we are ALL very busy.

Some things that have been keeping me busy lately:

  • My Etsy shop. I have been getting a lot of fun custom orders coming in for business branding and marketing products! If you guys are looking to get marketing materials made, a new logo, business cards, or any business branding items for your business send me a message through Etsy and I would LOVE to work with you on something.
  • Dog mom life. You can read all about some recent endeavors on my last post.
  • I just finished reading all of the Harry Potter books for the first time! I am totally obsessed and now I think I need to read them all over again.
  • Planning a trip to Banff, Canada. This trip isn’t until June but I am SO excited for this one you guys. So, naturally, I let it take up too much of my time. Can’t wait to share more with you guys about this!

There is more but I won’t bore you with my normal busyness. Now head on over to the Freebie Page and find the latest printable! Just make sure you are subscribed to get access to the library, click on the image, download, and print. I hope everyone has a great weekend and you have the opportunity to explore somewhere and try something new!



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