Environmentally friendly changes that you can make to help the health of our planet.

This week I watched Before the Flood, a documentary by National Geographic where Leonardo DiCarpiro travels around the world with experts on different environmental issues that are contributing to the planet’s climate change. It is incredibly eye opening to issues that I didn’t even know existed and how American’s are such huge contributors to the health (or lack of health) of the planet.

The movie talks about current issues, possible solutions, and the politics involved. It encourages you to want to make a change and have a bigger voice in the movement. This got me thinking of ways that we can all start to make changes, no matter how small, to leave a smaller footprint on our earth. Here are some ways to that you could start to make a difference:

  1. Purchase clothing from places like tentree.com. With every purchase you make from their site they plant ten trees somewhere in the world. Visit their site to see the impact their effort has on the environment!
  2. Use green cleaning and household products like Seventh Generation instead of other products that are toxic and end up in our lakes, streams, and landfills poisoning our fish and wildlife.
  3. Make purchases from IvoryElla.com. With every purchase made, 10% of the net proceeds are given to an organization called Save the Elephants. An organization committed to saving elephant’s lives in Africa.
  4. Purchase your pet products from places like Greenpetproducts.com that specialize in environmentally safe pet products that are based on renewable and readily available resources.

I hope this encourages you to make changes, no matter how small, to reduce the negative impacts on our planet. What are some other options or companies that support environmental wellness?


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