Bridal Shower Maxi Dress Bridal Shower Maxi Dress

This past weekend I was showered and completely spoiled at my first bridal shower! Some of my best friends threw it for me and we had a ton of fun! The theme was pink so almost everyone wore pink, the decorations were pink, and all of the wrapping (and many of the gifts) were pink too! Right up my ally for sure. They all got me such thoughtful gifts and it was so much fun seeing what everyone picked out. They had an awesome lunch buffet set up for us and we all ate and talked then we headed out to the pool!

The pool was totally packed with the worlds best floaties! Seriously, if you have seen it on Instagram before it was probably in their pool. We played games, snapped pics, and danced for hours. They all made me feel so special! I don’t know if I have ever had THAT much attention it was a little overwhelming!! The night slowly turned into my birthday celebtration since we were already all together, why not!? So we went out to eat at the local Mexican place and then bounced around a couple of the pubs in town.

Overall, it was so much fun! See more pics below.

Bridal Shower Maxi Dress

Bridal Shower Maxi Dress Bridal Shower Maxi Dress

All the best pool floaties!

All the best pool floaties

Bridal shower one piece suit

Bridal shower one piece suit

You can find my same suit here.

Thank you so much for LeAnne, Britt, and DeAndra for hosting and giving me such an amazing shower! And thank you to all of the girls who came and made me feel so loved. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

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Adventures of Ang, wellness, travel, and adventure blog based out of Minnesota.

I can’t even believe that one year ago today is when I launched Adventures of Ang and started promoting the little content that I had! Blogging for Adventures of Ang has taught me so much and really pushed me outside of my comfort zone at times. I started this blog as a place to log my everyday adventures and to teach people a little about wellness and it has started blossoming into so much more than that. It has given me the opportunity to connect and network with people I never would have otherwise, it has challenged me to learn and develop content that would be worth reading, and it has given me an online space that is almost like a journal for me.

I thought I would go back in time and list out some of my favorite posts over this first year:

  • I really liked this post on getting submerged into a new city because these are all tips I used when I first moved as well!
  • This one has some good content alternatives to staying in hotels when you travel.
  • This post has tips on how to stay fit while you’re on vacation, I think I need to review this one for myself sometimes…
  • Our adventures in Jay Cooke State Park, this one isn’t so much about the post but it was the first time I added a picture of Daniel. ♥ Also, Willow was still so little! Now she is so huge and there is no way I could hold her like that anymore.
  • And of course, my favorite post of all is the one describing our whole engagement that Daniel planned flawlessly!

I truly appreciate that there are people out there that take the time to come and visit my blog. With all of the content that is available online I am so honored that someone would stop here among everything else out there that is available to read. So thank you! Thank you so so much for reading and visiting Adventures of Ang.

As always, I love feedback so if you have ideas for content or suggestions for changes I love to hear them! You can leave a comment or email me at

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Anchor Freebie, printable, monthly freebie from Adventures of And

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying summer and finding ways to absorb every minute of it. Summers always go by way too fast. My post today brings you a cute summery freebie! I thought water color and the anchor made a for a sweet little nautical printable that you can print out and throw into a frame for the rest of the summer. The fresh blue and white can brighten up a room and give it a clean feeling. My personal favorite for this is a crisp white frame.

I also wanted to update you guys on some things that have been going on in my life since I got engaged.

  1. I picked out my wedding dress at the beginning of June! I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for and I finally found what I wanted in the third store I went into. I love it so so much and I can’t wait for you all to see it when I have a post up about the big day!
  2.  We just packaged up all of our invitations and they should be out the door in the next couple of days!
  3. We are at a lake place in Northern Minnesota all week for vacation with a ton of Daniel’s family. Playing in the water, fishing, playing games, and just relaxing. I love vacation!
  4. I am still trying to decide where to go for my hair and makeup for the wedding so if you have any recommendations for gals in Minnesota let me know!!
  5. Daniel’s family is HUGE so naturally we are going to have a gigantic wedding. Eek!
  6. I really want to get a new vehicle. I currently don’t have a car payment so it would be really hard for me to start having to pay for that monthly. But I am really interested in getting an SUV, especially since I live in MN.
  7. My lease at my studio apartment is up at the end of summer so I need to start packing and getting my stuff together very soon… ew.
  8. I just purchased my first big girl purse. All my purses all my life have been just cheap things that don’t last so I decided to get a real Michael Kors bag! I am so pumped about it. I realize that isn’t the fanciest to many of you but for me this is pretty fancy.
  9. We decided to go with a videographer for our wedding and I am super excited about that. Many married people have told us that they either wish they would have got a video of their wedding day or that if they did get a video that it was the best decision they made. So we decided to put some of our wedding fund there since it will last forever!
  10. Next month marks the one year anniversary for Adventures of Ang! I can’t believe how fast that time has gone!

Thanks for reading! Head to the Freebies page to get this month’s free printable, enjoy!


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