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Hello everyone! Lately I have just been loving the farmhouse décor trend. Now that I actually have a real home with Daniel (real home meaning I am no longer renting and can do whatever I want to the place!) I just love looking at all of the possibilities out there for how to make a home really your own. I loved doing this even when I was a renter if you recall this post this post, and this post. But now it feels different and more permanent. Like I can really carve out my true style with my home and know that I won’t be moving again in the next few months and have everything change again.

I have been spending a lot of time on these hashtags #farmhousedecor and #farmhousestyle and #farmhousechristmas on Instagram lately and they are all loaded with pretty inspiration!! And while I love swapping out decorations and restyling I am also on a budget so I try to print designs that I like and pop them into existing frames or find ways to make something look more like #farmhousedecor by adding twine or naturals from outside (notice my little pinecone in the pic 😀 ). I am also finding that less is more. Daniel and I both hate clutter, this doesn’t just apply to our closets but it also applies to our shelves and how much we hang on the walls. Making things look pretty by just being simple.

Anyway, I thought if I was doing these simple style changes on a budget then maybe some of my readers are doing the same so I wanted to provide you with a fresh Christmas printable that has that farmhouse style feel to it but can be printed right at home! To get this beauty just head to the Freebies page, make sure you are subscribed, then just download and print.

I added mine to a rustic looking frame that held a photo before. Once Christmas is over and it’s time to swap out the decorations again, the picture will resurface and it will feel fresh again.


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Christmas freebie, printable, all is calm all is bright, christian, decor, wall art

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Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!! I just love Thanksgiving and how it officially becomes “the holidays” and bleeds right into Christmas. This time of year has everyone so cheery despite the fact that it is dark and cold outside. The holiday spirit keeps everyone going through this time and I just love that.

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying summer and finding ways to absorb every minute of it. Summers always go by way too fast. My post today brings you a cute summery freebie! I thought water color and the anchor made a for a sweet little nautical printable that you can print out and throw into a frame for the rest of the summer. The fresh blue and white can brighten up a room and give it a clean feeling. My personal favorite for this is a crisp white frame.

I also wanted to update you guys on some things that have been going on in my life since I got engaged.

  1. I picked out my wedding dress at the beginning of June! I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for and I finally found what I wanted in the third store I went into. I love it so so much and I can’t wait for you all to see it when I have a post up about the big day!
  2.  We just packaged up all of our invitations and they should be out the door in the next couple of days!
  3. We are at a lake place in Northern Minnesota all week for vacation with a ton of Daniel’s family. Playing in the water, fishing, playing games, and just relaxing. I love vacation!
  4. I am still trying to decide where to go for my hair and makeup for the wedding so if you have any recommendations for gals in Minnesota let me know!!
  5. Daniel’s family is HUGE so naturally we are going to have a gigantic wedding. Eek!
  6. I really want to get a new vehicle. I currently don’t have a car payment so it would be really hard for me to start having to pay for that monthly. But I am really interested in getting an SUV, especially since I live in MN.
  7. My lease at my studio apartment is up at the end of summer so I need to start packing and getting my stuff together very soon… ew.
  8. I just purchased my first big girl purse. All my purses all my life have been just cheap things that don’t last so I decided to get a real Michael Kors bag! I am so pumped about it. I realize that isn’t the fanciest to many of you but for me this is pretty fancy.
  9. We decided to go with a videographer for our wedding and I am super excited about that. Many married people have told us that they either wish they would have got a video of their wedding day or that if they did get a video that it was the best decision they made. So we decided to put some of our wedding fund there since it will last forever!
  10. Next month marks the one year anniversary for Adventures of Ang! I can’t believe how fast that time has gone!

Thanks for reading! Head to the Freebies page to get this month’s free printable, enjoy!


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