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The latest book I have been reading is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. You might have also read Eat Pray Love by Liz as well. That’s when I first discovered her and just LOVED that book. While Eat Pray Love is more of a memoir for her, Big Magic is a guide for us to live creatively without the pressures that society places on it. If you want to make art for a living, great! If you want to make something just because you enjoy the act of doing it, great! If you are really bad at something but it still brings you joy, you shouldn’t stop doing that thing just because you will never be the best at it or make an income off of it. Do the things you enjoy doing for the sake of the enjoyment, and don’t feel bad about it! She gives you permission to live free in your creativity and to create for the sake of creating. In our world today, we are consumers rather than creators. But a long time ago, if people wanted something, they had to create it. Their meals, their clothes, their homes, etc. We have been so far removed from that way of living that very few of us are the creators now. She describes how it is in our nature as humans to be creators, no matter what that might look like.

Reading this book has really given me permission to keep up this blog. Sometimes I write posts and I wonder if anyone even reads them but then I remember, that’s not why I do this. Of course I hope that my readers learn something or get inspired by my posts but if not a single soul took the time to read the post, I think I would still blog. I get enjoyment out of it. I will be able to look back in ten years and be reminded of the things I did and who I was when I wrote the posts. That goes the same for any other form of craft I might do. For example, I love painting. Do I know better painters than me? Plenty. Will I ever make a living off of painting? Not likely. But I love painting. So I am going to paint as long as it brings me joy, and that’s okay.

Maybe your crafts look different than mine. Maybe you love cooking, or woodworking, or building sheds, or disassembling and reassembling cars, or making maps. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to do it as long as it brings you joy. I highly recommend reading Big Magic so you can get inspired the way I have been!

Also, do you like the bookmark in my picture above? I created it (see how I brought this full circle?) and I am thinking about doing a DIY post on how to make your own! It is super simple and they are great to giveaway as gifts. Let me know if you would like to learn how to make your own bookmark and I will think about doing a post!


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