How to find balance between your busy life and your wellness. Keep fitness on track and plan ahead.

In our world today we need to rush around and juggle more activities and obligations than seems humanly possible. How do we uphold all of our demands while still trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Here are some strategies that I have adopted to try and help me stay balanced with life’s demands and wellness:

  1. Schedule your workouts like an appointment.
    • If you are an organization freak like me, your daily planner is like a life source. At the start of each week I write down what meetings, appointments, and tasks that I need to accomplish. With this, I write in my work out time like it’s an appointment each day. That means if someone wants to get together for a happy hour or just to catch up, it is going to have to go into an empty slot in my schedule and I can’t just cancel my appointment with the gym! For those of you who might be a little more advanced than me with the paper planners, you can use your phone to track all of this too.
  2. Plan out my meals for the week.
    • I am actually not much of a meal prepper. I tried it and it didn’t work that well for me and that’s okay! What does work for me is thinking what I am going to make for dinner that week, buy groceries accordingly, and make enough for a couple meals so I can eat it for lunch the next day. This works for me because I typically have enough time to make a good dinner a couple nights a week, however, if your evenings are just as booked as your days, you might want to consider making a whole bunch of food on Sunday and have the meals ready to go throughout the week. This will prevent you from stopping somewhere quick to eat when you are on the go which often means you’re not eating something very good for you.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no.’
    • I know how it feels to be juggling a lot of things at once, and I am even pretty good at it, but there needs to be a limit of new things to take on. When your plate is full you have to be okay with turning people down and saying ‘no’ to new things. Figure out what it means to you to have a full plate and once you’re there you need to know to turn down a new opportunity, or adjust the priorities and have something else fall off. If it is your friends or family that are looking for your time, let them know how much you want to see them and that they are a priority and offer a time that works with your crazy schedule. Remember, this is all about balance!
  4. Use down time wisely.
    • It’s really easy to use your days off as time to catch up but I really encourage you to use some of this time off for yourself. Allow yourself time to rest and decompress, even if it is just for a couple of hours. Your mind needs a break from the constant motion of each day to unwind and rest. Even if you use this time for a walk, to read, or to catch up on a favorite show. Distract your brain from your to do list and deadlines and just use it to do something you love.

I hope these ideas inspire you to keep a more balanced lifestyle and allow you to keep on track with your fitness! What are some ways that you balance your busy life with your wellness?


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