Oh hey guys! I am here to do a final post about our trip to Banff! If you missed the first couple you can find them here and here.

The day after we went to Lake Louise we decided we should check out Yoho National Park since we are up here, why not? Especially since all the parks are free this year! We tried to do the Takkakaw Falls hike and after being lost for what felt like hours and hours we discovered that the road to the falls was actually blocked off due to an avalanche.

Lost in Yoho National Park
Our phone GPS could not be trusted so our manly men turned to the map.

Even though the road was closed we jumped out to check out the raging rivers at the bottom of the mountain which was so worth it.

Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park Yoho National Park

After this little pit stop we decided to head to Wapta Falls. It ended up being a very flat and easy hike through the forest that lead you to some amazing views of the falls! We had our lunch out there and just spent some time wandering around exploring.

Wapta Falls, Yoho National Park 

After this, we made the drive back to our campsite. It was our last night of camping so we made another big meal cooking up all of our leftovers and we at picnic style in the back of our SUV to avoid all the rain we got!

Camping in Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

Getting weird from so much time in nature….

Anywho, the next morning we packed everything up and said goodbye to our beloved campsite in Johnston Canyon. For the next couple of days we planned to stay in an Air bnb in Canmore. We couldn’t check-in to the condo until late that afternoon so we thought we would find a hike for the day and then when we were done we would find our place. We drove through Canmore and up a mountain road that over looked a waterfall. We figured we would be able to find a decent yet leisure hike in there. We stopped in a parking lot full of people that looked like they were pretty serious about a hike they were going to endeavor. There were some obvious trails but no trail map, which was odd. We decided to go the opposite direction of the serious looking hikers to be safe. As we were heading to a trail head I looked up and saw MOUNTAIN GOATS!! They were just casually walking on a rock wall like it was no big deal! (Unfortunately, me nor Daniel has picture evidence of this. Taylor had his real camera and I know he snapped a few so maybe I can update this later. It was pretty cool, too bad you have to miss out.)

Then we continued to follow a trail that was pretty freaking vertical. Since it was so early in the trail we figured it would level out after a little while so we kept climbing. And climbing. AND CLIMBING. Pretty soon we are an hour or so into this climb that we all stopped and decided that we needed to investigate where the heck we were and where the heck we were going. Daniel magically had some service up there and he told us we weren’t quite halfway to the summit. I’m sorry, the summit? We didn’t plan on climbing to the summit of anything that day! We had no lunch, one water bottle between the four of us, and none of us were mentally prepped for this physical endeavor. So what did we do? After much consideration… we kept going. We figured we had made it that far, why not keep going?

We finally make it past the tree line where there was 50 MPH winds and snow was falling. It was actually awful, but the views were awesome, per usual.

Ha Ling Mountain, Banff National park. Ha Ling Mountain, Banff National park.

We climbed back down eventually and checked in to our condo. We showered in a real shower for the first time in days then went to a local pub and tried real Canadian poutine! So good. We slept like babies that night in our real beds.

The next morning we thought we would give mountain biking a try. We rented these super duper fancy mountain bikes for the day and asked the guys about some local trails. They had them all over and we were specifically asking for the easy trails, especially since Kelsey and I had never really done it. He told us where to go and we eventually made it up there. We start heading down our first couple of trails and it didn’t take long for me to realize mountain biking is NOT my thing. Its probably one of the most terrifying things I have ever tried before actually. Fortunately, Kelsey was feeling the same as me so we told the boys to go on without us and we will stick to the paved trails. We met back up with them for lunch and luckily they didn’t fall off their bikes to their death. We made it back down the mountain in one piece and took some adorable pics on a bridge with our bikes and decided that was enough. I think I was actually the only person who didn’t fall off their bike, so go me!

Mountain Biking in Canmore, Banff National Park Mountain Biking in Canmore, Banff National Park

Mountain Biking in Canmore, Banff National Park

The next day would be our very last day in the park. We still wanted to see Moraine Lake which was up by Lake Louise so we decided to make that our very last hike. We loaded up all our things and headed out for our last big adventure. We spent some time walking around and had all of our leftover snacks for lunch together.

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

After this we headed back to Calgary to catch our flights the next morning. This trip held some of the most amazing views I have ever seen and some of the best adventures. This was the first trip I have taken with Daniel and with every step on our hikes I fell more in love with him! So glad I found someone that has an adventurous spirit. We highly recommend that Banff get added to your bucket list for some time in your life! Happy travels.


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