I thought I would do something a little different than my normal posts and let you get to know this mysterious adventurer behind the blog! I always like reading these things about other people because it feels like it makes them more real so hopefully after reading these 12 things I won’t feel so much like robot to you 😉

  1. I have never waxed my eyebrows. When I was really young I would sometimes get random compliments on my eyebrows and I thought it was very odd because I never noticed other peoples eyebrows. And it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I actually started to care and fill them in with a pencil. Now I notice pretty much everyone’s eyebrows.
  2. I was born in Seattle, Washington. My parents grew up in Minnesota then moved out there when my sister was pretty young and lived out there for nine years. During which, they had me! We moved back to Minnesota when I was about four.
  3. I have a sister! I haven’t had a chance to talk about her much on here but she exists! She is 7.5 years older than me, married, with three little girls.
  4. I have never broken a bone. Although I am pretty convinced that I did something to my tailbone a long time ago whilst snowboarding because sometimes, when I sit just right, it still hurts..
  5. I despise Ketchup. Can’t even stand the smell of it. I am super picky with like all condiments in general actually.
  6. I have never had a cavity. This one is even pretty surprising to me because I was not very good about taking care of my teeth as a kid. But now I floss and use mouth wash daily! Woo!
  7. I have always wanted to learn how to drive a stick shift. My high school boyfriend made a pretty decent attempt at teaching me in is Ford Focus but that was only one time and I would like to actually have this in my skillset long term. Like what if there is an emergency and the only vehicle available for escape was a stick shift? What do I do, just walk?!
  8. I was a tom boy growing up. My dad would say I was the little boy they never had because I loved to do all the things that boys would do. Getting dirty outside, fishing, dressing in boy clothes, skateboarding, etc. I still kind of am I guess, I just dress a little better now and happen to really love pink.
  9. I don’t drink coffee. I am probably the only blogger on the planet who doesn’t talk about how coffee helps get me through the day and all that. My first job was actually as a barista so I had the opportunity to try all kinds of coffee and I was just never a huge fan. Drinking regular coffee makes my entire body feel icky and weird. I love the taste of fancy coffee drinks (chocolate-y and caramel-y drinks) but I figure if I don’t ‘need’ coffee to function throughout the day, why start a bad habit like buying $6 coffee drinks loaded with sugar?
  10. I am positively dreadful at math. Always have been. Like I avoid playing cribbage because it stresses me out how quickly I am expected to add up my cards. Sort of embarrassing but hey, I have other strengths to balance it out!
  11. I have a glass of Nesquik every morning when I wake up. I have since I was five and started kindergarten. Maybe that’s why I don’t need the coffee??
  12. I have literally been trying to do the splits for two years. It was one of my 2015 New Years resolutions. Whelp, here we are 2017 and still no splits. Maybe some people just aren’t made for that?

Well there you have it, 12 things about me! If you guys have any suggestions for the type of posts you would like to see leave a comment below or just send an email to askingang@adventuresofang.com. I would love to hear what my readers would like me to post. Have a great weekend!



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